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Lecoanet Hemant with Models


Lecoanet Hemant hosted an exclusive preview of their new Spring and Summer 2012 Collection in their flagship store at The Gallery on MG on 19th April 2012 Lecoanet Hemant has showcased a real showcase, the first ever organized FASHMOB.
Inspired by a totally improvised Flash mob this event is a bit more planned, based on a ‘Happening’ as they were called in the 1960s or a ‘Performance’ as it is called today: Personal friends, urban professionals, people from the arts, essentially women of today will come together and deliver a very calm performance of a vision of all the multiple kinds of women that actually wear Lecoanet Hemant.

Lecoanet Hemant with Models
The new Lecoanet Hemant collection for Spring Summer 2012 blends contemporary chic styles with timeless elegance. Inspired by the beauty of the ‘Central Asian Steppes’, the collection strikes a chord between high fashion and sustainability.
The collection focuses on the ecological design philosophy of the label, highlighting the tensile techniques and sensibilities of the nomads belonging to the Central Asian region. This easy line comprises of a range of styles like dresses, tunics, tops, shirts, skirts and trousers. Intricate weaves along with skillful embroidery enhance the earthy feel of the collection. We have utilized the ancient nomadic technique of Rice stitch mixed with appliqué work, which gives an international twist to certain outfits, and mark the mix of cultures that Lecoanet Hemant represents. Happy Wearing!
Setting the tone of celebration of spring summer, the evening was well attended by the Delhi glitterati’s including Ramola Bhachan, AD Singh, Ritu Kumar , Mayyur Girtora, Rimpple Narula . The muses for the luxury designer brand Lecoanet Hemant were Shabnam Singhal, Sonya Jehan, Kitty Kalra, Sheena Jain ,Anupma Dayal ,Deepti Jhakar Tania Benon, Anushka Menon and many more.
By: S. Sarvesh
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