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“Kama Sutra”. The Lana Sutra art project

Position of the Scissors
November24th, 2011 The Lana Sutra reached to its next destination New Delhi India, and installed at Connaught Place Benetton store. This Art installation inspired by “Kama Sutra”. The Lana Sutra art project, a series of installations designed by Benetton as a tribute to love and to the aspiration towards equality and sharing, is to be presented in New Delhi at the Benetton store, As described by the Cuban creator of the works, Erik Ravelo from Fabrica (the research centre and creative heart of Benetton), the project embodies the Group’s traditional and new values such as genuineness, a passion for art and a focus on the new world geography, held metaphorically together by the woollen thread and by colour, the two founding elements of United Colors of Benetton, an inclusive brand whose “personal” fashion is created by publicly bringing into play issues which involve everyone in the world, in a true-life style.
Four installations of Lana Sutra has installed here, inspired by the meaning of Kama Sutra, and the various love-making positions: Dance of the Missionary, Union of the Goddess, Sixty-nine, and Position of the scissors. Each one of them is made up of a couple of plaster moulds: a man and a woman embracing and wrapped in woollen threads of different colours, chosen from those of the new United Colors of Benetton collection. The contact between their bodies, in which the colours mix and the threads intertwine, represents natural love which cancels out differences and brings together the whole of mankind.
The exhibition has arriving in New Delhi after the success gained in September in the Benetton concept stores in Istanbul, Milan and Munich, and after the public and critical acclaim recorded with the first installation, the Position of the Tiger, presented at the Italian pavilion for the 54th Venice Biennale international art exhibition. Lana Sutra has been recently shown also in Seoul, and other events are being planned for the next months. The Lana Sutra exhibition in India will move also to selected stores in Chandigarh, Mumbai and Bangalore.

By: S. Sarvesh

Position of the Scissors

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