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DT Cinemas hosted the red carpet premiere of “Man of Steel”

Movie Name: Man of Steel

Director : Zack Snyder

Producer : Christopher Nolan

Cast : Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Laurence Fishburne

Duration : 145 min

Rating : ****

Henry Cavill as Superman is a great choice.

DT Cinemas in association with Warner Brothers hosted a glitzy and dazzling red carpet premiere of “Man of Steel” at DT Cinemas, DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj on 13th June 2013. The premier was attended by socialite and guest from designer feternity of Delhi social circle. Spotted enjoying the premiere were Designer Anand Bhushan, Jattin and Gunjan Kochar,Joy Mitra with Pratima Pandey, Gautam Gupta, Monisha Bajaj, Ramneek Pantal, Ambika Shukla , Shefali Talwar and many more.

Zack Synder has proved his importance and selected Henry Cavill as a Superman. I can bet that this will make a difference and the audience will love to watch this film, because this is the Superman film that makes you remember why the Man of Steel is the Everyman’s superhero. The movie that reaffirms that Supes belongs to the die-hard fan boy, the lady in the MRT train and the little kid who grew up with a red blanket tied round the neck.
The man who put the “dark” in The Dark Knight has decidedly put the “man” in Superman. Throw in fan boy director Snyder, whose career has been forged with massive style-over-substances like 300, and their uniquely differing styles combine to deliver one heck of a superhero movie.Right from the get-go, Snyder serves up his signature unrelentingly snazzy visual explosion and presents a Krypton we can only assume has been bubbling in the director’s imagination like dormant volcano waiting to be unleashed.
You barely catch your breath as hyperkinetic aerial battles and pounding fight sequences take place among CGI alien creatures, imposing spacecraft, lofty constructions and detailed panoramas in an intricately designed fantasy world .And then you realise you’re actually holding your breath as that all-too-familiar pivotal moment of sacrifice and humanity arrives amid the giddy bedlam: Russell Crowe’s Jor-El and Ayelet Zurer’s Lara Lor-Van absolutely nail the scene where they send their only son Ka-El to Earth, to be raised in Kansas by the loving Jonathan and Martha Kent (Kevin Costner and Diane Lane).Nolan and Snyder symbiotically lay the foundation, with grit at the core and on a blockbuster scale, of young Clark’s self-discovery to pave the way for Supes to find his groove.
They have given us a Superman precisely for these weary real world times we live. And we’ll take it — especially in the aesthetically delicious form of a ridiculously ripped and handsome Henry Cavill.For the many of us who are old enough to remember, Christopher Reeve was and forever will be Superman/Clark Kent. But the buff-and-British Cavill tries incredibly hard to make this his own, steering away from Reeve’s wholesome light-heartedness and aiming for thoughtful introspection and quiet resilience.
His chemistry with Amy Adams (as Lois Lane) however, come across more like best friends than hot lovers, which won’t sit well with fans expecting classic Lois and Clark. Adams does give her Lois Lane some renewed dimensionality, spunk and compassion, while Hollywood stalwarts Costner and Lane, though clearly underused, turn in heartfelt and determined performances as the world’s kindest, most level-headed adoptive parents.
And although Michael Shannon’s General Zod is nowhere near as theatrical or melodramatic as Terence Stamp previously, he does what he always does best by delivering the requisite Shannon bad guy and proving to be a worthy adversary for these modern altruistically-grey times. It is Crowe who, finally (and thankfully) seems back on form, as he soft-steps inevitable comparisons to Marlon Brando’s classic Jor-El by admirably playing quiet stoicism and dignity.Some will most definitely argue about certain liberties with plot decisions and twists that will undoubtedly spark debate. But there are just enough Easter eggs scattered throughout the film that will soothe riled traditionalists.
There are obvious flaws, like Snyder’s indulgent reliance on including one or two extra overtly bombastic action sequences. The much discussed religious imagery is still there, too, but Man Of Steel has smartly made the decision to leave behind the square-jawed upright wholesome buoyancy of the earlier films.

By: S.Sarvesh

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