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A fashion and art installation by Nida Mahmood

[tab:Feed]Nida Mahmood, Raul Chandra & Absolut hosted a fun filled evening for the unveiling of  Absolut mode – a fashion and art installation presented in a quirky style at The Claridges, Aurangzeb Road. The evening was very well attended. Few of the prominent names include Preeti Ghai, Shantanu & Nikhil, Vandana Bhargava, Rachna Kohli Sandhu, Sylvi, Ankita & Avantica Chaudhry, Vandana Vadera, Vani Tripathi, Sona Goel, Sanjay Sharma.

Under construction, fashion, LED installations, Silent Music –the ultimate ABSOLUT MODE Edition launch



On 11.11.11, Delhi experienced its first ever ‘Silent Disco’ party

There are some moments in time which take you by surreal surprise. ABSOLUT dialled up its unique and edgy relationship with fashion at the launch of latest limited edition– ABSOLUT MODE! New ideas, quirky styles, a melange of Indian kitsch imagery inspired from high fashion ramps to the humble tailor shop; all found their way in the collaboration between ABSOLUT MODE and Designer Nida Mahmood and Artist Raul Chandra.

An under construction brick and mortar hideaway venue, at a wing of Hotel Claridges, made for an unorthodox evening with a live installation by Nida, known for her creative and dramatic collections. With a first time concept of ‘Silent Disco’ curated by Hush Mob.

The night witnessed avant-garde video projections with immersive experiences created by using headphones. The montage was created in collaboration with the reclusive Baba Wreck Loose and the sinister Chintan the Kalra.

Nida Mahmood and Raul Chandra created a fashion and art installation in the shape of the ABSOLUT MODE bottle – it was all about the unspoken; seeking fashion nirvana. The Live Installations and their outfits spoke of a colourful narrative of futuristic fashion on Indian Kitsch. On display will be two LIVE installations, donning meticulously crafted outfits with over 1000 LED lights on each garment. One of these was picked by Lady Gaga on her recent visit to India! Speaking on her collaboration with Absolut, Nida Mahmood believes, “ABSOLUT is a brand that has stretched the boundaries between advertising and art. So much so that, today, the bottle is an iconic image with which each artist wants to be associated. Both Rahul and I, as designers and artists, find a strong synergy between the ideology of ABSOLUT and our way of merging the so-called boundaries. We have created our rendition of the word Fashion with ABSOLUT in our very own Technicolor sensibility inspired from fashion on runways seamlessly merging with fashion in a humble tailor shop.”

Speaking on the association, Bikram Basu, Vice President-Marketing, Pernod Ricard India said, “ABSOLUT collaborates with incredible young talents globally, and Nida Mahmood’s creative and dramatic work fits ABSOLUT MODE. The launch promises to be a unique experience- different art, uncommon venue, innovative format, “Silent Disco!”

The cutting-edge campaign of the MODE edition, featuring supermodel Shannan Click, is shot by photographer Sharif Hamza, renowned for his superior work for a vast collection of international fashion magazines. Earlier limited editions from ABSOLUT such as ABSOLUT ROCK, ABSOLUT GLIMMER, have all been immense successes. The ABSOLUT MODE EDITION bottle has 12 facets and is wrapped with a band in midnight blue silk cloth with text embroidery. Sharif Hamza was clearly inspired by the bottle shape in the photo shoot in which he built a large copy of the bottle with mirror facets, and placed supermodel Shannan Click within it, dressed in midnight blue creations.[tab:Photo Gallery]


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