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From left Mr. Kamal Kumar, Rohit Aggarwal, Mr. Christopher King and Dato Paduka Sidek Ali (high commissioner of Brunei)


From left Mr. Kamal Kumar, Rohit Aggarwal, Mr. Christopher King and Dato Paduka Sidek Ali (high commissioner of Brunei)
New Delhi, March 01, 2012: Zambar has presented connoisseurs of food with yet another reason to rejoice as Chef Arun Kumar celebrates the magnificent cuisine of the Southern Indian coastline. Offering traditional home-style food from the coastal States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the restaurant strives to commend the sheer tradition of the numerous communities that inhabit these regions and their unspoken cuisine. To mark the celebration, Zambar showcased its new menu and an equally new avatar during the Ambassador’s Dinner on Tuesday, February 28, 2012.Thrilled with the outcome of the new menu Chef Arun Kumar, Head Chef, Zambar said, “The basic aim of the new Zambar is to represent the traditional flavors of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. We hope to achieve this by giving our guests original, traditional recipes which have been derived after months of research and having spent numerous hours amongst the ladies of the households of these four culturally and culinary rich states.”
The evening soiree was graced by Ambassador’s from the South-Eastern nations such as Oman, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Trinidad, Singapore, Slovak, Rwanda, Brunei, Paraguay and Senegal. The Ambassador’s evening was a platform for showcasing the exquisite traditional cuisine from the inroads of India’s coast to the expats in India and dismissing the myth of South Indian cuisine being synonymous with Idli-Sambar-Dosa.
Speaking on the occasion, Chef Bakshish Dean, Corporate Chef, Lite Bite Foods, said “Our vision is to create an incredible southern flavor which is closer to home. We have put in a great amount of effort researching recipes which have been forgotten , spending days at length across the coast to understand the culture and cuisine and creating delicacies as is in the homes of these four historical Southern coastal States.”
In an endeavor to offer traditional and the finest food from these regions, Zambar has tied up with local housewives to develop spices at each of their locations on a daily basis to ensure freshness of flavors. Alongside, the Chefs have sourced traditional cookware from each of the four States to ensure that the dishes on the new menu have genuine taste of the household it represents. Each dish on the menu is being developed using traditional cooking techniques starting with the grinding of the spices, which is done on traditional grinding stones or Silbattas to using home-style cookware for each dish, offering true home-style flavour to its guests.
Mr. Rohit Aggarwal, Executive Director and co-founder, Lite Bite Foods said, “We are absolutely thrilled to showcase the new face of Zambar and take intense pride in celebrating the traditional delicacies of the Indian Coastal States of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. We believe that Southern Indian coastal cuisine rightfully deserves its place in the sun, and we are doing our bit to ensure that, with our new menu and its delightful offerings.”
By: S. Sarvesh

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