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Model in varun Bahl Couture collection 2012-13

Varun Bahl: India, Nouveau

Varun Bahl Kick started the famous Coture Fashion Week 2012-13 at Taj Palace Hotel New Delhi. This time theme of Varun collection is inspired by Indian new young generation. He has used lot of black colour as a key color , Varun Bahl’s statement against the preconceived inauspiciousness of it, as black ads a modern relevance to the time-honored, traditional cuts and shapes this collection is based on. The other key colors in the collection are cobalt-to-navy blues, olive, coral, and reds.

With fabrics like silk net, chiffon, silk, velvet, and a multitude of hand embroidery techniques, Varun Bahl has synthesized a vision of modern India that surges towards the idea of haute-couture Indian wear with traditional roots and a contemporary outcome.
Transparency, layering, flounce, fit-and-flare, volume, and handcrafted textures are the key elements. At the same time, with the use of restrained and well-edited embellishments, he seeks to break through the notions of Indian haute couture being solely bridal dressing, and to bring it closer to modern, demanding, tasteful, and exacting consumers and connoisseurs.
Speaking with the media Varun said “Couture does not mean only bridal wear. My Collection are for young Indian”.
For the Fall 2012-13 Haute Couture collection, Varun Bahl attempts to merge the classic evergreens of old India with the outlook of modern Indian dressing tastes. The underlying inspirations are undoubtedly Indian: the Sari, the Achkan, the Sharara, the Mughal Farshi, and of course, the Lehenga. However, the collection is aimed not only at the Indian wedding, but also towards those who love to dress Indian with pride, but are looking for modern updates on traditional Indian silhouettes.
By: S.Sarvesh

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