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Director Sujoy Ghosh,Vidya Balan & Arjun Rampal

The unique story plot and the starcast make “Kahaani 2” a must watch movie

Director Sujoy Ghosh,Vidya Balan & Arjun Rampal
Director Sujoy Ghosh,Vidya Balan & Arjun Rampal

By Surveshwar Sarvesh

Pics by: Jayanti Arora

Vidya Balan and Arjun Rampal visited Delhi to promote their new movie ‘Kahaani 2’, slated to be released on 2nd December, 2016.

During their media interaction, the lead actors shared a lot of interesting experiences and incidents from their upcoming thriller.

The Director of the movie is Sujoy Ghosh who along with actor Vidya Balan stunned the audiences in 2012 with an absolutely new and fresh story plot in ‘Kahaani’. Sujoy is back with Vidya Balan after a hiatus of four years for “Kahaani 2” presented by Pen India Limited. 

The lead actor of the movie Vidya Balan started her acting career with a popular television show 'Hum Paanch' where she made a definitive mark for herself. Subsequently, Balan proved her mettle as a highly versatile actor by delivering terrific performances in films like 'Parineeta', 'The Dirty Picture', and 'Bhool Bhulaiyya' to name a few.

Balan has had no looking back in her career, and her popularity has only increased with passage of time.

As far as “Kahaani 2” is concerned, the high points of the movie happen to be its inimitable story plot coupled with Balan’s exceptional performance in 'Kahaani 2'. Akin to “Kahaani 1”, “Kahaani 2” too leaves people guessing about the story. Meaning simply that people fail to speculate the story of “Kahaani 2” just like what happened in the case of the Part 1 of Kahaani after the trailer release.

Arjun Rampal whose last musical flick 'Rock on 2' didn’t fare well at the box office seemed optimistic about the effects of demonetization on his new film 'Kahaani 2'. During the course of the media interaction, he said, "When a script is good, the people are bound to watch the film. I strongly believe that the ‘demonetization’ step undertaken by the government is for the long term betterment of our country. As far as loosing and gaining is concerned, they are both an integral part of our lives and system."

Vidya Balan will be seen in the movie playing two different characters. While one role sees her playing a helpless mother who is frantically looking for her kidnapped daughter, the other character sees her being charged for kidnapping and murdering. Narrating her experiences, Balan said, "I am a very restless and impatient woman. I really like this genre. Acting in a thriller film is a roller coaster ride, and is interesting to work on."

When asked if the movie was a sequel of Kahani, director Sujoy Ghosh  pointed that it was another story told in this franchise, and thus cannot be termed a ‘sequel’.

With just hours to go before the release, the aces up the sleeves of “Kahaani 2” indubitably happen to be its starcast and a different story theme.

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