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Tapsee Pannu in Apala’s Tomb collection Jewellery

Taapsee Pannu Spotted in Apala’s Tomb collection Jewellery

Apala by Sumit celebrates royal Mughal era of love and launches extension to Tomb Collection series. Bollywood Diva Taapsee Pannu adorns Apala’s Tomb collection jewellery and looks enchanting during the promotion of movie BABY. 27 years old Baby actress Taapsee oozes out majestic grace integrated with royalty and looks resplendent in beautiful silver jewellery crafted by designer Sumit.

“The Tomb Collection” ,deeply influenced by the ornamentation on tombs and the architectural formations, Apala’s tomb jewellery collection has his contemporary and Mughal twist, which evokes love to the wearer and takes you to the era of beauty. These entire collections are available at studio in Hauz Khas Village and Galleria.
Designer Sumit Sawhney, remembers his walks at the tombs in Delhi as a kid. His fascination towards the tombs, the architecture, textures of the stones, detailing on the ceilings, carvings and doors, inlays and jalis are immense inspiration for him to dedicate his latest jewellery collection.

By: S.Sarvesh

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