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By: Sahiba Dhawan.


Since ages, ladies like to look their best in all the occasions throughout the year. Like outfit and shoes, they pay special attention to their makeup as well. They like enhancing their features through makeup. But like our skincare regime changes, our makeup also changes with season. And we should give special attention on the kind of makeup products that we use to suit a particular season. As the title suggests, let us know various tips that are essential for achieving better results and helping makeup last long.


  • Using a sunblock is a must specially in summers. After sunblock people having oily skin must apply primer which controls oil and gives a matte look.
  • Always lock the base with a loose powder in order to avoid sweat.
  • Apply very light coverage foundation. Rather a tinted moisturizer or BB cream are the best options in summers during day time.
  • As summers are all about colours, go for vibrant lipshades like pinks, oranges, red. One can go for a strobe look where in whole face has nude makeup and the focus is only on bright lipshade.
  • Invest in waterproof products like waterproof liner, mascara etc.
  • Avoid using cream base eye shadow. Incase they are used, always lock them with a same colour powder eye shadow in order to avoid creasing and increase its durability.



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