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Sufi Music by ‘Hari & Sukhmani’.

[tab:Feed] It was one of the most entertaining and thrilling performance by ‘Hari & Sukhmani’. Duo presented a breath taking performance of the latest songs coupled with their Sufi-Punjabi hits at FIO-COUNTRY & KITCHEN BAR. There was a huge turnout that came down to witness the duo perform. As has now been well known the duo started the night off with their usual soft romantic numbers, but as the night grew older, Hari & Sukhmani came into their own.

There was a lot of support that was shown to the duo in the form of the fan following that they have garnered over the period of time that they have performed. The night witnessed a lot of young guests who had come down to FIO to support and cheer them on, as well the old supporters of SUFI , were also seen swaying and getting mesmerized on their tunes.

Mr. Vinnet Wadhwa  (Restaurateur & Owner of FIO)  said “that this was a very special night that was conceptualized by his daughter Vriti Wadhwa, and all the guests who were seen having a lot of fun amidst some great music, has been an initiative that was taken by Vriti and she has come out with flying colors”.

The  decor of the Restaurant was done up in a particular manner, and even the stage that was prepared for this outstanding performance was done up in a very thoughtful manner, seeing the complete setting of the place.

Hari & Sukhmani were heard crooning their all time favourite song like ‘Mahi Ve’, which really got the crowd moving and swaying, Sukhmani took the limelight though with her scintillating voice, and also her classy dance moves. The crowd literally started humming to each and every song that the duo were singing, and the night reached a crescendo when the duo sang the all time favourite Pujabi hit number, Mera Laung Gavacha”

Both Hari & Sukhmani  said that he was very happy and delighted that the band got an opportunity to play at FIO, and thanked one and all who had come out to support the band.

By: S. Sarvesh

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