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Simona Bocchi at More@THT

Sculptor Simona Bocchi’s love for Indian Culture

Famous Italian artist and sculptor Simona Bocchi has showcased her latest Art work at the The Home of the Traveler‘s flagship store New Delhi in association with the Embassy of Italy. Simona’s Work has been motivated from Rajasthani Culture and Indian God and Goddesses. She has shown her love for Indian culture through her art work. Her Jute work installation was the masterpiece of her collection.
This exhibition showcased the contemporary sculptor’s works in wide range of materials including carrara marble, bronze and jute was an extension of that vision. Originally from Monza Italy, Simona Bocchi is a specialist in contemporary sculpture; she has made Udaipur her home for the past 4 years working with numerous local and national level craftsmen specializing in marble carving and inlay work learning from their techniques whilst teaching new methods of sculpting.

“It is an extremely delightful opportunity for me to collaborate with a brand like The Home of the Traveler. India has inspired my art and the evolution of the ancient culture motivates my inner exploration. The Home of the Traveler houses unique pieces picked from various parts of the world from across borders and cultures hence it’s a more than fulfilling dream for me to have my work exhibited here” said, Ms.Bocchi .
She further said, “I worked with different medium like Bronze, Marble Jute etc. Art is about to express your feelings, it has lot of power. Here I tried to fusion of Italian contemporary art with Indian themes”.
She has been working with jute since 12 years. She has shown the local Udipur people’s life and their day to day activities through her art works. Ms. Bocchi has played a vital role as a resource person for Rang 2011, a yearly event held before Holika Dahan supported by The Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation in Udaipur. In her work Simona aims to combine respect for tradition with a hint of modernity where Indian elements symbols and taste meet western culture. Commissioned by H.H Prince Albert of Monaco, she created a trophy that was offered as a mark of distinction to former Formula 1 Champion Michael Schumacher.

Mr. JJ Valaya, Director The Home of The Traveler said, “The more we travelled and found ourselves inspired by culture, art and architecture belonging to different parts of the world, the stronger grew our desire to bring the most exquisite offerings to your doorsteps in one cohesive space. Housed within the flagship store is MORE@THT, a space dedicated to showcasing outstanding talent and unique craftsmanship. More is an acronym for Moving, Original, Resourceful & Experimental, all being virtues found in our special exhibitions and shows.”
The fine spring evening also saw THT conducting tasting session of the unique blends of Italian Nero Coffee that traces its origin to the beginning of coffee culture in Italy in the 16th century when a famous merchant of Venice called Cesare Duni started to study coffee, out of curiosity about its healing properties. The use of unique bases lends a groovy flavour to this coffee with an elegant density and an extraordinary stability.

By: S.Sarvesh

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