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Quixotic Regalia AW13-14 by Rajdeep Ranawat

Rajdeep Ranawat brings to a hypothetical world that has hints of Exotic Medieval collection at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion week AW 13-14.These are the some excerpts from his interview.
1) What is your collection all about?
Gravitating toward the elegant economy of the construction of dress provided by antique models, using luxurious fabrics, elaborate ornamentations and intricate hand-embroidered textures, Rajdeep Ranawat brings to the season an enchanting feel of royal regalia, crowns, and court garments. The ensembles are characterized strongly with their strenuous effort towards a dignified and elegant simplicity of construction; and are made distinct with prints in placements of intertwining fractions of parchments, paisleys and authentic medieval jewelry. These prints are further highlighted with low domes of beautiful Swarovski elements, the presence of fine, spiky metallic elements in relief on armbands and shoulder mouldings and combined with rich velvets, silk georgettes, silk satins and silk dupions.
Abundant usages of gold and silver thread embroideries create striking-coloured garments. Other colors such as lapis lazuli blue, olive green, turquoise, purple, maroons and several shades of brown and creams dominate the entire collection.Giving a sense of intrigue, adventure, romanticism and of eras that were long lost and yet did not exist, the clothes seem like telling a bewitching tale to all, which beckons the beholder to experience it.
2) How different it is from previous season?
The previous season was all about our resort and holiday inspiration from the Greek island ‘Santorini’, it was vibrant, fun, sketchy and free flowing…. Whereas our latest AW13 collection is about royalty from the past, regal, majestic with rich velvets, silks and metallic embroideries further contemporaries by spikes, studs and Swarovski elements.
3) What changes are you seeing in the fashion today?
I feel each season, we need to give the clients/customers something new to look forward to, in terms of silhouettes, we believe in keeping them generic, simple and classic as our forte is colors, prints and clean embroideries. We cannot bank on a theme that would have worked for us about 2 years ago and dress it up with new colors/motifs and think of getting better order on them yet again…. A creative designer for me is someone who comes up with something absolutely new, yet keeping his clientele and looks intact!

4) What are your future plans?
There are a lot of shows and exhibitions that we have been approached for, although it gets super exhausting to travel around each month, we are planning to narrow down to events and shows that are meaningful, blend with our sensibilities and have a niche of its own! We would certainly love to have our own flagship store in the future, starting with our city, New Delhi…. But just don’t seem to have the time or capacity to churn out clothes for it. With multiple multi designer stores all over India and rest of the world, they have us on our toes with production throughout the year.
Rajdeep will showcase his collection on Friday 15th March, 2013 at 2 pm.
By: S.Sarvesh

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