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[tab:Feed]Payal Jain unveiled her latest collection’ Raga’ at Hyatt hotel New Delhi. She speaks with fashiongaze and said, “Its called Raga and inspired by Indian music. I got inspiration from my mother, she is the artist, played Sitar. I had grown up with Indian music. Should has very rhythmic, very musical feel to the collection
When I asked about the fabrics, she said, “Every thing has been created from scratch. Lot of fabric has been created from scratch, embroidery, texture. Most of the Indian fabrics, some of them are imported but I have created them own and imported them specially made texture for me”.
She further added and said, “These are very vast collection. It caters Indian wear to western wear. Some wear Indian wear like saree. Some wear western outfit. Such a very broad collection like “Raga”.
‘ Raga ‘ is an endeavor to romance with those myriad moods, emotions and hues, in a poetic tapestry of silhouettes, forms and textures. The journey of this season begins from a day-wear look to structured and sculpted work-wear, sequined jumpsuits, chic cocktail dresses, long sensual gowns, elaborate, full flowing exotic evening ensembles and finally elegant saris draped with romantic corsets. The palette of colors ranges from delicate creams to passionate rouges and finally dark and glamorous blacks. The textiles used are a vast and versatile medley of decadent textured silk jerseys, iridescent crepe georgette, voluminous silk taffeta, delicate stretch lace, elaborate appliquéd jersey and sequined silk shantung.
The melodies of vibrant and versatile ‘ Raga ‘ are captured in their feminine form in all its hues of womanhood, ranging from strength to compassion, tenderness and sensuality, tolerance and magnanimity, passion, love and most of all the mystique of being a complete woman!
Payal Jain graduated Summa-cum-Laude from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), San Francisco, and U.S.A in 1993 and came up with her own label. Her design speaks an international language.
She has become synonymous with classic and timeless contemporary clothing, where each garment designed is a truly enriched synthesis of heritage fabrics and craftsmanship in a modern interpretation. Everything she does is a matter of heart, body and soul. For her, designing is an expression of a woman, with all the complications, feelings and emotions. She has undoubtedly captured the Indian soul in her classic western silhouettes.
By : S. Sarvesh
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