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The Mayan Maze

This season, for Spring Summer 2013, the designersduo Ankur Modi & Priyaka Modi draw inspiration from this ancient civilization, imprinting an entire collection with hints of its myths and mystique.
Exotic imagery of God-Birds, Pyramids, Birds of Paradise and the Maze Floritisque, all find their way into the soul of this lush collection.
The fabrics used are natural with dewy freshness. Silk Satins and Organzas have been woven to reflect, as if water was their thread, and from them silhouettes, so fluid, as if liquid in form.
The simplest palette of black and white signifies, the riddled journey of man, through all the other shades of life,
beginning from nothingness, evolving towards the Light, while encompassing everything in between.
By S.Sarvesh

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