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Hema Malini, unveil Malabar Gold first showroom in Delhi

[tab:Feed]New Delhi, November 09, 2011: Hema Malini Brand ambassador of Malabar Gold has unveil its first north India store in Delhi at Karol Bagh.
Malabar Gold, the fastest growing jewellery group has entered the North Indian market with the opening of its first outlet at Karol Bagh, Delhi and 64th worldwide. This is a part of the Group’s ambitious expansion plans to have business presence across all key cities in India and abroad. To meet the growing demand, Malabar Gold is planning to add more outlets in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi and other parts of the country shortly. It is also planning to roll out its operations into Far East markets like Singapore, China, Malaysia and Indonesia besides spreading its wings to European markets starting with UK, and eventually US in the near future. To celebrate its showroom network expansion into Delhi & North Indian market, Malabar Gold is offering special gifts and discounts to all customers who purchase jewellery from this outlet for 60 days with effect from today.
On this occasion Malabar Group Chairman M P Ahammad , Co- Chairman P A Ibrahhim Haji , Executive Director Abdul Salam K P , Saunak Parikh Director Mahindra Bros. and other director from Mahindra Bros. were present.
Malabar Gold executive Director Abdul Salam K P answering the question related to their business strategy, how he is giving discount to customer and why? There expansion plans?
He said,” to give discount to customer of Delhi is idea that is only to create the customer base. Our motto is giving it to the customer, because our business model itself is that. We work on very low margin on a high volume, that is the business model were to be taken at our group.. We are giving a price which is acceptable to everybody. We give a fair price to our customer where ever we will go. We do not overcharge and take care of our margin also and the prices we are offering will be best in the market always.
Gold prices itself varies in different states. Some people keep a higher price, but we are following an international pricing based on the selling price of our states. As far as making charges are concerned, we have a very good supply chain system coming from the manufacturing up to the retailing, so we can cut many costs in between. We have collection point at all over the cities of India as well as in Middle East.
We want to open 10 shops in Delhi and in NCR regions. It will be finalizing within in a year time, and simultaneously we are going to markets like Mumbai and Kolkata also .we will set up our regional hub in Mumbai and in Kolkata to support our surrounding market so that we will develop our business in that region.Jewellery are coming from different parts like some are coming from Mumbai, some are from Kolkata, Dubai, international jewellery from Italy, Singapore etc.we have a chain of store where supply chain are controlled. We have our factory in Kerala based at Trichur, Kalicut.we are also planning to open our factory in Tamilnadu also. We have our factory in Dubai also. We collect different jewellery from different supply of sources .
We will keep total group turnover target to raise for this financial is 6000 crores. For Delhi it is too early to say anything in terms of number, we are looking forward it”.
Hema Malini Said, “Today we had the launched new show Room of Malabar Gold in Delhi. Its give me immense pleasure to be associated with Malabar Gold. The group draws the name th most trustworthy group, started very slowly some South India and today they have venture here to north and I am sure within a year or two they are going to cover up all over North India, and also in UAE. It is all because they are coming out with a very beautiful excellent design and most trustworthy gold you will get here. I have not many but some of them, so wonderful, lovely design, latest design they have today I saw in new store. Something really unique one, which I love to be part of that and I am sure they are going to expand in a much more bigger way.”
On question related to her likes of Jewellery and her style statement- She said, “I like jewellery something that is very nice suites to me, whether it’s gold or diamond. I wear jewellery according to the occasion, when I do dance that time I wear ethnic and heavy jewellery. I something focuses on earring. If you wear heavy jewellery then your earring should be small. I purchased jwellery for investment purpose also. I also like traditional jewellery it is meant for special purpose and Malabar gold are keeping also.
She said on her style statement, “that I love to wear sari Design by Neeta Lulla Today I worn sari design by Neeta Lulla and I also like Manav Gangwani’s creations.
On this Occasion she also unveiled the coffee table book ,” Brides of India”.
Jewellery purchased from Malabar Gold is backed by a lifetime maintenance service, free insurance coverage and unique buy back guarantee. Moreover, ornaments purchased from Malabar Gold can be exchanged at any of their outlets wherein the customer has to pay making charges only without any deduction in gold price. The Group also delights its customers by issuing privilege cards with facilities that are enjoyable for a lifetime and also through valuable gold purchase schemes which protect the scheme members from the soaring gold price.
The 6500 sq. ft. showroom, located at one of the most preferred destinations for jewellery shopping – the Bank Street, showcases immaculately crafted BIS 916 gold and PGI certified platinum jewellery in addition to Malabar Gold’s exquisite IGI certified diamond ornaments which are truly unbeatable in quality, value and price. Besides this, the magnificent array of traditional, Kundan, Turkish, Kashmeera and Polki collections are true masterpieces of jewellery.
Like all other Malabar Gold showrooms in South India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh) and GCC countries (UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & Qatar); this outlet will also display & sell Malabar Gold’s magnificent branded jewellery collections which have already set a new trend in the jewellery market. Its branded array of jewellery collections includes ‘Era’ – uncut diamond jewellery, ‘Divine’ – heritage jewellery collection, ‘Ethnix’ – handcrafted jewellery, ‘Precia’ – precious gems jewellery and ‘Starlet’ – kid’s jewellery. What’s more, an entire floor is dedicated to the diamond lovers exhibiting their eye catching collection called ‘Mine’ – diamonds unlimited.Malabar Gold, the flagship division of Malabar Group of Companies started its operations in the year 1993 by opening their first outlet in Calicut, Kerala. Within a short span of 19 years, the chain successfully established its position in India and the Middle East with more than 1,200 investors and over 4,000 dedicated staff. Smt. Hema Malini, Padmasree Mohanlal, Music Maestro Ilaya Raja and Junior NTR are the famous celebrities who endorse the brand ‘Malabar Gold’.
Malabar Gold has always been in the forefront when it comes to social campaigns like ‘Malinya Muktha Keralam’ (Litter-free Kerala), ‘Clean Mangalore’ and ‘Act Now Do something’, a citizen awareness campaign in Bangalore. Malabar Gold plans to continue the Green India initiative in Andhra Pradesh with the support of Government. The company has also set apart certain percentage of its annual turnover for the welfare of the poor and underprivileged. Malabar Charitable Trust, which was started in 1999, provides life saving drugs to the poor and over 213,000 patients have been benefitted by it. Malabar Group has also succeeded in providing shelter to 4000 families through Malabar Housing Charity.
By: S. Sarvesh [tab:Photo Gallery]

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