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Get Green N Glam O initiative by Cleopatra Spa and Salon

Cleopatra, Spa and Salon got green glam with the visiting of Vanya Mishra, Miss India 2012 and Japtej Singh, Milkha Junior of Bhag Milkha Bhag on 14th August, 2013.Cleopatra, Spa n Salon was introduced to “O ORGANIC”, the organic world of beauty and wellness. The month long Carnival endeavored to turn the people towards getting green n glam. “Get Green N Glam” O. Organic Carnival by Cleopatra got another enchanting doze of glamour as Miss India Vanya Mishra and Japtej singh teamed up with Richa Aggarwal and Ritu Kolentine in their initiative to promote Organic and Natural lifestyle.
Spearheaded by Cleopatra the carnival circulated the message of adopting a natural and Organic lifestyle to improve overall persona be it beauty from inside or outside.The event was celebrated with a lot of zeal and zest the Event also marked the 10th anniversary Celebration of Cleopatra, Spa n Salon. On the occasion, live demo on ingenious Organic makeovers trendiest and stylish coiffure Stunning beauty Diva was given and Vanya Mishra flagged off “10’ Organic Beauty Commandments” a way to follow your journey to a more youthful and healthy lifestyle and being organic beauty from the inside out. Junior Milkha encouraged everyone on benefits of organic planting and everyone present was gifted with complimentary Sapling Plants to help Conserve Nature.
Richa Aggarwal, beauty and wellness expert, Ritu Kolentine, makeover expert, Harveen, makeup expert were joined by renowned Ayurvedic, nutritionist, holistic therapists, herbalists, detox expert and natural beauty mavericks who on this concourse made people imbibe and assimilate organic ways to follow journey to healthy lifestyle.
“In harness of life everyone is going through highly stressful and hectic lifestyle which is taking toll on their well being. In order to find quick fixes people make do with ersatz medium and use synthetic lifestyle which plays havoc with their health. Sensing the severity of the situation Cleopatra has kicked off a one month long campaign which comes on the occasion of their 10th anniversary.” said Richa Agarwal and Ritu Kolentine.
The carnival progressed with sessions on Green your Beauty routine with Organic approach to hair care and skin care. Carnival took a peek into the interesting world of Organic beauty, Natural mineral makeovers, Organic skin care, organic Cosmetics and the use of natural skincare products, carnival also covered up important areas like Staying on the cutting edge of organic beauty and wellness. During the event Latest natural technologies were revealed for real skin care results and information were shared on using right and natural skin and hair care products which don’t play havoc with your beauty. Experts trained people to identify usage of harmful ingredients in these products and applying self techniques for doing your own make up. As you deserve all great benefits of efficacious beauty products which are free from any unhealthy ingredients Cleopatra also announced about the launch of Cleopatra’s Organic seaweed skin care products range, rich in 18 amino acids,12 vitamins and 42 trace minerals. Just like with food, skin absorbs up to 64% of what you place on it so Drop Feed your skin with powerful nutrients, vitamins, minerals and more with live demos of Cleopatra’s Nontoxic and Eco-Safe high-quality organic products.

To help you improve your inside persona Cleopatra has designed unique Taste and Win contest which highlighted importance of eating organic and green to stay dynamic and lean. The contest churned out yummy recipes for mummy’s and kids which had goodness of nutrition and taste. Kids with their mothers were encouraged to make their own healthy sandwiches and smoothies in a way of involving them in an easy activity which explained the importance of eating healthy people were taught the ways to detoxifying body for optimum well-being.

By: S.Sarvesh

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