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Curator Jonhy ML & Host Nidhi Jain

Gallery Ragini Presented A4 ARPLE

Curator Jonhy ML & Host Nidhi Jain
Gallery Ragini, celebrated the Lado Sarai Art night with the preview opening of A4 ARPLE, a group show of 40 artist curated by Jonhy ML.
A4 ARPLE is a group show conceptualized and by Johny ML for Gallery Ragini and is slated to open on the 25th of November 2011.
The show is an attempt to debate the linguistic permissibility of our times. Anything that appears initially as a hitch takes hold of our linguistic structure and becomes a part of the daily parlance. The theoretical and conceptual issues, once upon a time, were considered to be difficult formulations. Now with the advent of information technology, nothing holds difference for a long time. Anything is permissible. In a larger context, this show attempts to look at how micro level changes facilitate macro level changes.

It plays upon the idea of an A4 size paper, and the spelling of Apple. Obviously, we all identify A for Apple as a very basic language code that conditions the learning process of a child. But when we say A 4 ARPLE, it confuses the whole system of understanding and at the same time we tend to accept what is being proposed in this saying. Slowly we come to know even A4 Arple is accepted as a part of the linguistic system.
The evening was attended by people like Nupur Kundu, Ankita & Avantica Chaudhry, Seema Kohli, Alka Raghuvanshi, Gunjan Arora, Shaji & Aruna Mathew to name a few.
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Exhibition will be available for art lover up to 31 January 2012; they can visit between 11am to 7 pm at Gallery Ragini, Lado Sarai.
By : S. Sarvesh

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