Tuesday , January 23 2018
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Vani Tripathi (National Secretary of BJP) at discussion with the LSR students

The Edge of Desire

Vani Tripathi the young and vibrant National Secretary of BJP young brigade unit has interacted with Young trucks of Lady Sri Ram College on the occasion of book reading session on Tuhin A Sinha’s ‘The Edge of Desire’, a book that tells a story of a girl who after being raped and molested joined politics and won elections right against his rapist. The book deals with the political scenario of India as well as the kind of problems women face in this country. The discussion soon converted into a debate with young girls denying agreeing with the story book had. Who else could have been a better person to answer their queries than the lady in politics herself? She asked the girls to be active and reactive towards their life. Any change that they demand has to be brought by them. She told the girls to speak openly about any molestation or eve-teasing that they go through. Vani called out to them for joining politics and take the nation to a level they want it to be on. The whole session turned out to be an eye opener to the young participants.

By: S.Sarvesh

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