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Dino Morea launch Tommy Hilfiger new store at Connaught Place

[tab:Feed]New Delhi. Mr. Shailesh Chaturvedi, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger and Dino Morea had launched the 100th store of Tommy Hilfiger in Connaught Place. Situated in the heart of the Indian capital, at the center of the city’s historic business and retail district, the new store provides the perfect backdrop to present the Tommy Hilfiger lifestyle to New Delhi’s fashion consumers: including tailored clothing, women wear menswear, children wear, footwear, accessories and Hilfiger Denim collections. The store is operated under a license to an experienced retail partner in the region.

On this occasion Mr. Shailesh Chaturvedi CEO & Director Tommy Hilfiger was also present these are the some excerpt from his interview:

How many exclusive store of Tommy Hilfiger in Delhi?

We will have around 25 shops in Delhi, out of 25  in Delhi we will have close to 10 free standing store and balance the will be shop and shop.

Who is your target Customer, any Particular age group?

He said. “Beauty of Tommy Hilfiger is that it goes across the age group. Lot of young college kids are coming and buy our denim line as well as we get 40 years executive and a businessman. Who wants to preppy-with-a-twist clothing on a special occasion? So its gets to a wider age group, that the beauty of Tommy Hilfiger”.

Tommy Hilfiger is concentrating on witch section, formal or casual?

He replied, brand will be more relax what we call is “Cool American Classic”. It’s not like a formal brand; it’s not even a hard city casual that’s the uniqueness of it. It is little bit of everything in a way very uniquely preppy with a twist.

Could you tell me something about Revenue generation?

We are in a rapid growth phase, we are expanding very rapidly. We had a lot of shop. Reach 100 shop marks with the first international brand that reach at that mark. We are present in 37 cities in India and beyond that I don’t want to discuss a specific no. etc. What we can say that we are in a phase of rapid expansion in India.

What is the

The segment of international brand in India in early stage and I think the leader like Tommy Hilfiger are making  lot of effort to expand the market, so it’s not a phase of marker share war or zero sum game. I think a whole challenge is how we grow and develop this market for India.

Are you also looking for your presence in b town of India?

We are present in 37 cities, so we are very strong in all the big metros as well as we are expanding to smaller cities across the region of India, Like in North Shimla, in South Coimbatore, in East Guwahati. We are present in many tier2 and tier3 cities in India and doing very well there.


Are you going for any brand Ambassador?

He said, “We do connect with the lot of celebrities in India, regularly we work with celebrity like today’s we have with us Dino Morea”.

How Importance of this CP store for Tommy Hilfiger?

Connaught place is always in our radar its very special high street in Delhi. It’s always giving the feel of Lutyens Delhi. We always want to have our flagship store in Connaught Place. We are looking that met our expectation, finally we got something we like and that’s why we have opened our store in CP.

The Bollywood celebrity Dino Morea has unveiled the Store; looking his elegant best in his current Tommy Hilfiger outfit. These are some excerpts from his interaction:


Since how long you have been associated with Tommy Hilfiger?

He said,” I am associated with Tommy Hilfiger over a year.”

What are your style statement and your fitness Secret?

He replied, “You know it depends, for me what you wear, how it fits. I dress for the occasion depends on what’s the occasion and accordingly I dress up, so that’s making up sort of style. You go there you make head turn as long as you dress well look smart that’s important.

I play lots of sports, like football and basketball I play 3 times a week and twice of week I do power training and strength training for my sports. I train myself.


What do you say About Tommy Hilfiger Cloths and witch other brand you are wearing?

Tommy Hilfiger clothes are very good .They have a great casual line and now I have seen their formal line too. It’s very wearable. It’s not something you can wear at few places but any place. I like apart from Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein Diesel.  I Like Denim from Diesel and Tommy Hifiger.In formal I have lots of Suits including Armani and Dolce & Gabbana.  Formal I buy from outside and lots of suits are made by my designer friends.


Who is your favorite designer and where do you shop most?

He said, “I like Rohit bal,  Rohit & Rahul Gandhi, Suneet Verma  and Raghavendra Rathore .They all are good and fantastic designer. For shopping it does depend, I shop most of the time abroad, because in India some time it becomes very tough. And Tommy sends me lots of cloths.

On project right now you are working?

He told, “We are working on JISM 2. We are making it and happen hoping its suiting will starts in February 2012.

The launch saw an elite mélange of known faces from the capital – Kitty Kalra, Charu Parashar, Jas and Bonnie Arora, Ammu Saidi, Ramneek Pantal, Malaysian Ambassador-Dato Tan Seng Sung, Anjalee Kapoor, Murli Kartik, Nikhil Chopra, Nishi Singh, Neena Verma, Priya Chandna, Kimmi Tej, Rishi Tej, Parul Puri, Nishi Singh, Sonia Chowdhary, Amit, Taniya Ahuja, Soumya Khurana, Surita Tandon, amongst many others were seen admiring the latest collection at the trendy new store.

By : S.Sarvesh

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