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DLF Emporio showcases the Ganesha by Satish Gupta ( With Ganesha - Ms. Dinaz Madhukar & Mr. Satish Gupta)

Deepawali Celebration @ DLF Emporio

To mark the beginning of the Diwali festivities, DLF Emporio, India’s finest Luxury destination has come up with special attractions for its esteemed customers. DLF Emporio, has embarked on an exciting journey in the fashion industry by introducing its exclusive Festive pop up store – This unique concept, is being launched by DLF Emporio for the Festive season of Diwali. To highlight the essence of luxury and exclusivity, the Pop-up store would only showcase exclusive pieces created during the festive season crafted by reputed designers exclusively for DLF Emporio. This year on Deewali at DLF Emporio one can witness the Creative Art Piece from leading Designer, Artist. Satish Gupta has installed his Sculptor of worshipping Garuda & Ganesha and Designer Rohit Bal has installed Chakra.
Satish Gupta’s Worshipping Garuda , is a sculpture in copper with gold plating. The Garuda half man half bird has been sculpted in this spirit and in a posture of obeisance – kneeling and worshipping Vishnu as part of a large installation.
The 8 feet tall mighty demi-god, so strong that he could fight Indra- the Lord of the Heavens , and capture the pot of nectar from him, so as to free his mother who was held captive. The beautiful thing about this story is that while Garuda was flying with the pot of nectar , he was not tempted to take a sip which would have granted him immortality. The wings were sculpted in copper to make them appear light and airworthy.
GANESHA as the scribe by Satish Gupta, a sculpture in copper . This ten foot sculpture in copper is inspired by the artist’s visits to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Satish was fascinated with one of the little known myths about Ganesha – the most generous of Gods and the Vignahaar who dispels obstacles and is revered first at the start of something auspicious.
The sculpture took about an year of concentrated work to create as the artist wanted to embody his form with a feeling of serenity and deep calm. This work is composed of a matrix of thousands of pieces of copper welded together almost like cells in his body which make him breathe.
Rohit Bal’s Chakrais a symbolic of all the source of positive energy, light and represents the formation of the universe ( Brahmand). In all its simplicity of form the chakra manifests itself as source of eternal energy. It also represents a light of divinity, knowledge and infinity.
To create excitement around the festive season DLF Emporio has started retailing exclusive festive gifts and accessories. The entire collection (more than 50 gorgeous gifts) is available till 14th November at an exclusively created store at DLF Emporio 2nd floor foyer. These products have been handcrafted exclusively by the most reputed brands and designers such as Pail Smith, Tumi, Tarun Tahiliani, Kimaya, Gaurav Gupta, Zikwa etc.
By : S.Sarvesh

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