Abdul Basit High Commissioner, High Commission of Pakistan has launched Anical 2015

Abdul Basit High Commissioner, High Commission of Pakistan, New Delhi, India has launched the ANICAL 2015 with Richa Maheshwari and Pervez Lala of Lala Textiles from Pakistan on 21st December 2014 at Story Unfolds Garden of Five Senses New Delhi. The AniCal (an animal welfare calendar), is to reach and speak out animal rights and welfare, and the entire approach is powered by Fashion. It was the pride moment for Richa Maheshwari through this way she has brought two nations for a social cause.

Richa Maheshwari, a Delhi -based fashion photographer, has taken it upon herself to do something for an initiative that she feels strongly about i.e., making some noise and getting the voices of the voiceless heard – loud and clear! Bringing together, SPCA, Noida and Lala Textiles from Pakistan, she strives to create a platform wherein the fashion fraternity comes together to support a cause that many feel for, but don’t clearly know how to contribute towards.

Speaking with media after launch of calendar Richa Maheshwari said, “We have been doing calendars since two years and I always stress on themes with which I could convey a message and not just leave it as a piece of fashion photography. I visit SPCA Noida and am always taken aback by the grueling state in which animals are brought there but thanks to the miraculous dedicated team, they have been recovering well. I was moved by their dedication and planned to do my bit by creating awareness through Anical, encouraging people to join hands in the effort to eradicate animal suffering. I believe to start with, even if I can stir people in my immediate circle against animal cruelty, my crusade against animal injustice shall begin and later I would like to reach out to the masses. It is a long battle where a lot needs to be changed and I am happy to plunge into it. My slogan is “Would It hurt you to care? It hurts them when you not”. I believe that an act of compassion and generosity towards these animals won’t hurt us. They can’t voice their pain but we have the heart to perceive their suffering and a mind to bring an end to it. Let us utilise our superiority on a positive front with an act of compassion rather than being hard hearted and cruel”.

“Service above self, and compassion beyond boundaries, that’s the motto of our co., Lala. We support ethical fashion and condemn any injustice to the ecology in name of fashion. Lala believes in sustainable fashion and hence we are here not just to talk to peace but to celebrate sustainability and thereby bringing together the fashion fraternity from both the countries together to support the cause “said, Pervez Lala from Lala textile from Pakistan.
Lala Textiles, Pakistan’s Premier Textile Brand, which today needs no introduction. Being one of the most popular names in the Indian Fashion market, Lala textiles in also known for its ethical conscience and thereby, meticulous efforts in the field of compassion; serving the needful. Promoting eco friendly fashion, Lala textile supports and propagates “Ethical Fashion” without disturbing the voiceless and thereby the ecological system. They believe in sustainable fashion and hence they are here not just to talk to peace but to celebrate sustainability and thereby bringing together the fashion fraternity from both the countries together to support the cause.

Delhi socialites will also mark their presence, including Vinod Juneja, Alina Galushka, Olga Rymarenko, Ishika Taneja, Shelly Maheshwari Gupta, Pankaj Gupta, Sylvie Rodgers, Kashif Farook, Manish Talwar, Sumit Saurabh, Samaneh Nagrath, Kapil Aggarwal and many more.

By : S.Sarvesh

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