“TOKYO FASHION WEEK in India” at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2012


Model in Japanese Designer Kunihiko Morinaga

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Japan, the Tokyo Fashion Week was presented in India at the ongoing WIFW.
This project is the first of its kind in India. A conjoint show presented designs from Japanese clothing labels ‘Anrealage’, ‘Mint designs’ and designer Suzuki Takayuki.
“It is part of the effort of the Japanese Government and FDCI. We want to spread the culture, tradition, lifestyle and fashion of Japan in the world,” said noted Japanese designer, Kenya Hara.
Kunihiko Morinaga, whose label is ‘Anrealage’, showed designs that focused on the transition of form in digital imagery resolution. The multi-cloured plastic glares, the 3D shoes, digital print stockings added new dimension to the clothes.
“In this digital era, people are obsessed with sharpness and clarity of the imageries, but I wanted to pursue the beauty of low resolution in this collection. From close distance, only blocks of colors were recognizable, but from far, those blocks are materialized and can be recognized as flowery pattern,” Morinaga said.
Mint designs consisting of designers Hokuto Katsu and Nao Yagi, expressed the feeling of showbiz and entertainment through their clothes. They created flashy looks with motifs, such as fishnet socks, print, Broadway title pattern, and bunny.
Suzuki Takayuki’s collection was a frilly affair in black, white and grey. The range saw models shashay down the runway in evening gowns, jackets, woolen cardigans accessorised with mufflers and golden chains.
“I wanted to keep my clothes very airy, especially at the stomach and abdomen area, so I used frills and kept the silhouette flowy,” said Suzuki.
By :S.Sarvesh
Photographs By: Karan Mehar
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