Model in Desiner Shantanu Singh outfit

Designer Shantanu Singh theme of the show was –“save the World”.Shantanu is inspired by Penguins and the natural world around us. Since past few years the world is facing a big problem of Global warming which is like a major issue in front of the world and new generation. Through his collection he has asked a question that how we are going to tackle this problem and do something to save our lives and other creatures from any disaster.
Smooth curvy black and white/grey shapes and lines have become an inspiration for cuts and shapes for the garments. Their bodies are a streamlined shape with a short, wedge-shaped tail. Orangish yellow ombrey colored-like shaded panel around their neck has turned into embroidery panels in the Garments. The color palette used in the collection are steel grey, dark grey, black and white and also there is a stark of strips in yellow and orange enhancing the look of the garment. Rock land surfaces and layers of Ice on Glaciers has become an inspiration for surface ornamentation, layering and textures…..
Fabrics which have been used are Silk taffeta, Silk CDC n Satin, Felt, cotton-wool and Silk Velvets etc just to create layers of ice like surface and at the same time creating a smooth and waxy effect like a penguin skin, blending it together to give a complete a whole look and story.

By: S.Sarvesh
Photographs By: Karan Mehar

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